Medical assistants are responsible for performing a wide variety of different clerical as well as clinical duties. They commonly work in the offices of physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors and other medical professionals. A medical assistant is different from a physician assistant. The role of a physician assistant includes examining, diagnosing and treating under the supervision of a physician.

Many medical assistant position require candidates to hold a degree or certificate focused on medical assisting or a closely related field. Completion of these programs can lead to higher pay and better job opportunities. Check out the programs below which offer free information:

Medical Assistant Job Responsibilities

Administrative duties of medical assistants can include greeting patients, keeping medical records, answering the telephone, making appointments, handling correspondence, scheduling hospital and laboratory services and assisting with billing. Overall, the responsibilities of a medical assistant can be split between secretarial and clinical duties.

Under state laws, medical assistants usually have varying clinical duties. These duties can include taking vital signs, retrieving patient history, speaking with patients about treatments, conducting general lab tests, assisting with exams, preparing lab specimens, sanitizing medical supplies and disposing of materials that have been used. Medical assistants may also inform patients about different treatments, including diet and medication. They may also prepare and administer medication, submit prescriptions, allow refills under the supervision of a physician, take blood samples, prepare patients for X-rays, perform electrocardiograms, remove sutures and adjust dressings. In addition, medical assistants may organize, maintain and buy materials and instruments. Cleaning waiting and exam rooms may also be part of the duties of a medical assistant. Medical assistants must remain flexible in their duties.

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