Professional Development

Professional development is the knowledge, skills and ongoing opportunities of learning and is usually undertaken to improve abilities of individuals in performing their duties. It helps them to grow professionally. Professional development is very important in modern work place which is ever changing. Profession development is all about keeping your skills and career fresh and also to remain competitive.

It is a necessity and one is expected to have if he or she would wish to maintain their jobs. For example engineers are expected to remain informed about the new advancements in technology; they should learn new working techniques. It may also be undertaken by those people who would wish to advance their skills so as to get promotion as well as those who wish to get new jobs. Employers can also provide training to their employees so that they can improve their performance.

There are many advantages which are derived from on job training, eg the employee will get training which is more specific to their duties, it is provided according to the employer’s requirement and it is usually provided at low or no cost. Sending employees to the conference keep them updated about the industries new development. Companies usually operate in an environment of marketing that is rapidly changing such as advertisement technologies. Therefore it would be of great benefit for such companies to have more relevant employees ie employees who have up to date skills.

Professional development comes in different forms for example coursework, workshops, degree, discussion boards, training sessions, classes and conferences. Different industries and companies usually prefer varying profession development approaches depending on the required outcomes.

When a group leader is talking to the students and encouraging them to discuss different options through a case study and finally coming up with a solution, is an approach called case study. The approach is more important in a communication that deals with a large group of people, it also helps in group dynamics and solving a complex problem.

Coaching approach works best with such processes like observing, reflecting and then acting. It aims at helping employees in many different ways through watching and then thinking before they rush to act. In mentoring approach employees are enabled to assess their abilities on their own through observation and reflecting techniques to help them improve their awareness. In this approach employees can set relevant and clear goals once they are aware of profession deficits and assets.

Coaches may build rapport through listening to the employees. In most case coaches usually share their experiences so as to gain trust and also to encourage employees to share and speak freely about their successes and struggles in working environment. This approach help the coach to allow employee to be heard and felt which will enable them to listen more and therefore building on rapport. When successful and professional development coaching improves, the overall organizational productivity increases by developing employees skills and also reducing the turnover. This will in turn reduce those cost that are associated with recruitment of employees.

Professional development opportunities exist for everyone in the US. Exchange students and scholars to the United States should formulate a good professional development plan while settling down in their new home.

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